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Week of June 27

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Sourdough Bread: Took me 4 months to get this right.  We start from a homemade sourdough starter and create these boules packed with flavor and happiness working with   high hydration dough

and  looooong refrigerated fermentation.One of the many things that are hard to get in Japan.

This Week's Special

In the Rotation


Lumpiang Shanghai






Peanut Butter Treats


Smoked Cheese

Growing Menu

Hummus -   Black garbanzo beans soaked 24 hours before  being whipped up with freshly ground    tahini sauce and squeezed lemon.

Falafel - Fresh herbs blended with 48 hour soaked dark chana. Served with tart and garlicky Tzatziki  -like yogurt sauce.

Lumpiang Shanghai - Never met anyone that doesn't like lumpia.  Fresh herbs mixed with fresh pork and spices wrapped up tightly in a crispy wrap

Tabbouleh Salad - Only fresh herbs and bold bulgar can contain the zesty punch

Smoked  Cheese - Sakura-smoked here  in  the  Cow's Kitchen